Spill Kits

Every spill kit from the Spill Control Centre comes with free and friendly advice as standard - and that means when a spill happens, it doesn't have to be anything but a minor nuisance.

We understand the problem, so we've thought of everything. Our spill kits contain all you need for fast, effective action against spills. That means clean ups can be quick and thorough - and that gets you back to normal as quickly as possible.

Products from the Spill Control Centre absorb the pressure as well as the spill, so you're always ready for the unexpected.

ADR Spill Kits


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Audit Covers


Audit Covers keep track of the contents within the spill kit. As well as this they..

Body Fluid Spill Kits


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Chemical Spill Kits


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Oil Spill Kits


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Water Spill Kits


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