Spill Containment

Spill Control Centre's Spill Containment products are perfect to keep companies like yours on the right side of the UK's strict fluid storage and control laws and regulations.

All of our Spill Containment Products have been carefully developed to capture drips and prevent slips. That means they keep employees safe and provide a robust physical barrier to prevent potentially harmful fluids from escaping into the environment - and that means they prevent potentially expensive clean up operations, both to the environment and to your reputation.



Quickly and easily deployed, our selection of Bund products and Spill Containment..

Oil Drum Storage


Our comprehensive range of Oil Drum Storage solutions has been designed to expect..

Plant Nappy


A range of Plant Nappies and Plant Nappy Liners for containing leaks and spills o..

Poly Dolly


Moving drums of chemicals about the workplace in complete safety is child’s play ..

Poly Overpack


So you’ve cleaned up a spill. What happens next? That’s where our Poly Overpack&n..

Poly Rack


Our range of Drum Racks not only holds drums securely, but also incorporates cont..

Spill Accessories


Effective spill control is about thinking of all the details – and that’s why we ..

Spill Pallets


Leaks from drums stored on our Spill Pallets keep floors oil clear by holding the..

Workfloor Spills


No matter what the size of the drip that might cause a workfloor spill, there’s a..