How to contain an oil drum spill in one easy lesson

How to contain an oil drum spill is a question that we get asked a lot here at Spill Control Centre. Find the only worthwhile answer in our blog, which will cut clean through to the heart of the matter, without bombarding you with complex law…

Containing an oil drum spill is about learning one simple lesson: preparation. If you’re ready for it to happen, as it surely will eventually, then you have it covered.

So what’s the best way to prepare for an oil drum spill? The answer will always be: ‘store drums on an oil drum spill pallet’. Of course by the time the oil slick starts to spread over the workshop floor, and is further dispersed by people walking through it, then it’s too late to order one. The time to order an oil drum spill pallet is now, so it’s in place and ready for action when the spill happens.

At the top of this blog we said that we wouldn’t bombard you with complex law. Here at Spill Control Centre, we are true to our word.  The relevant legislation is important but we worry about this so you don’t have to. If you buy a product from us you can be comfortable in the knowledge that every product in our range has been designed to comply with all the relevant rules and regulations. That means you should be reassured that by buying from us you’ll comply with all the relevant laws – so long as you use the product in the way it was intended, of course!

Oil Drum Spill

What is an oil drum spill pallet?

So, in our view, the key to containing an oil drum spill is to get an oil drum spill pallet.  These oil drum spill pallets are as close to ‘fit and forget’ technology as you’re likely to find, because essentially they are a robust and corrosion-free container. Completely seam-free, they are moulded bunds topped by a grid on which a number of drums or a couple of IBCs (intermediate bulk containers) can be stored, with sufficient space beneath to hold the complete contents of the drum or drums with room to spare.

Rather than running all over the floor, spilled oil drops through the grid into the bund, where it is contained, and from where it can easily be gathered. The strength of the pallet is such that each model is perfectly capable of holding the drums it’s designed for, up to and including fully loaded IBCs. The pallets are easily moved using forklifts, but are not designed to be moved with their pallets in place – those need to be taken off first.

To give some examples, the largest product in our range is this Prestige model, capable of holding two IBCs or eight 205-litre drums, or a combination of both. It has a four-tonne safe working load. At the other end of the scale, amongst the most popular are our Econobund products, which come in two-drum and four-drum versions.

Oil drum spill control indoors and out

Across the range we have spill pallets that are best suited for indoors and those that are best suited for outdoors. To us, they are the ultimate spill containment measure and help to prevent and contain oil drum spills. Why not visit our website and ask us a question on Live Chat, we will be happy to go into more detail with you.

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