Why cleaning up oil spills is vital

Cleaning up oil spills in environments such as rivers or waterways is vitally important. This article raises the awareness of the dangers that oil spills can cause and discusses how oil spill kits and specific products such as marine oil spill kits can help you.

Last weekend, we came across a very interesting article discussing the likelihood of another clean-up operation for a major oil spill. The location is the Amazonian regions of Peru, and this news article provides further detail. In short, an oil spill from a major pipeline has been identified and urgent steps are being taken to try and fix the ruptured pipeline and clean up the oil spill. Details are rather sketchy but it is widely accepted that the Amazon is one of our planet’s most fragile ecosystems and the tension between oil companies and indigenous people in the area shows that feelings are running high.

Oil spills are never good; but when they take place in a fragile and vulnerable environment then the ramifications can be far reaching. The Amazon is one such area. Another area is rivers and waterways. The tiniest amount of oil spilled into a river can spread and stifle life, food and habitat for a number of different animals. To prevent these issues, this is why cleaning up oil spills – and knowing how to do so – is vitally important. This article goes on to explore the products that you will need.

Oil Spill Kits and Marine Oil Spill Kits

The first key thing to remember when thinking about products needed to tackle an oil spill is to think of their colour. Oil only absorbent products are white so this is the colour that you should be looking out for. The key feature of these oil only absorbent products is that they are hydrophobic. This means that they only absorb oil and they resist water. This is why these products are perfect for waterways spillages for things like canal boats.

Take our marine oil spill kit for instance. This contains absorbent pads, socks and cushions as well as some leak sealing putty to try and stop the leak at source. In an environment where any oil spill will be mixing with lots of water, the hydrophobic properties of the products in this spill kit make it the perfect choice. One kit absorbs up to 22 litres of oil which makes it ideal for smaller boat spills. At a time of year when people are thinking about their holidays and with vessels such as narrowboats becoming more and more popular, this is a must-have product.

For a larger oil spill, we have products that go all the way up to catering for a 900 litre oil spill. These larger products are more aimed at industrial settings where leaks on large machines can cause a high volume of oil spillage. An example would be our premium range 360 litre oil only spill kit.  This kit comes in a mobile 2 wheeled bin and contains a huge array of absorbent pads, socks and pillows as well as disposal bags and a floor sign. If your workplace runs the risk of oil spillage then you should think about one of these products to allow your company to comply with the law and be environmentally friendly.

Cleaning Up Oil Spills

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Oil Spills: The key point

We are not saying that the spill kits mentioned in this article would be suitable for an oil spill on the potential scale of the one mentioned in the news article above. However, we are saying that the basic and fundamental point about the dangers of oil spills on the environment applies equally to both scenarios.

Regardless of their size, smaller oil spills still need to be treated carefully to avoid irreparable damage to the environment and all of us handling oil or operating machinery using oil have a duty to take special care. The products mentioned in this article will help you to do that.

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